Bids of Fiction

Sometimes, or maybe all the time, the imaginary world is a lot richer than ours. We add all the color we want, all the details we want, and we make everybody do and say the right thing at the right time. Wait a minute that sounds too boring! I would say that fiction is where I decided to let all those imaginary scenarios working non-stop in my head take shape. It’s really fun!

I’m still starting out with it so bear with me. In this page some of the things I’m sharing are complete some aren’t. Those that aren’t present profiles of characters viewed from specific scenes, shots of their lives. If you think some of the characters can be further developed into people you’d like to know more about, then I’m on the right track. So let me know. Your feedback, good or bad, will always be appreciated.


The Window

Her eyes traveled up and across the rooftops to a tiny square of sky she could see through the branches of a lonesome tree that stood outside her small window. She was now ready to leave it all and fly up the sky. Her mind had almost drifted when she suddenly heard the clang of his keys outside. He was back. Her heart began to race and she began to shiver.


The War of Colors

Time counted in Lisa’s life. How she managed it and how she used it defined her success. When she first began to feel doubts and unease she couldn’t understand what was wrong. There wasn’t much room for negative perceptions of events because there was little time for her to ponder on things.



IMG_0968But she never relented to Laila’s pleads to stay with her in bed. She would insist that Laila had to put herself back to sleep, and if Laila persisted, she would lose her temper and slam the door, leaving her alone in the room with only the faint light of her small night lamp.


Carla and Frank

IMG_1036And for six years it continued like this. No mirror notes, no soft breeze ruffling his hair in a room of closed windows, no broken china and no midnight footsteps in the attic could transmit Carla’s emotions to Frank.


The Girl with the Black Mole

IMG_2509Laila had no tolerance for her silence, it made her feel observed, watched. There was a terrified innocence in the little girl’s eyes that threw Laila’s brutality right back at her.



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