Guest Post: An Ode to a Revolutionary

By Salma Beshr

One eye shows the soul breaking free,
one eye shows nothing at all.
One eye has a lot more to see,
the other… has seen it all.

One eye has infinite clarity,
rinsed by the clear light of hope,
while the other eye, stung by reality,
has nothing but shadows to grope.

Side by side they both lay,
partners in every decision,
till one dark January day,
one eye was robbed of its vision.

But the eyes of the world would agree,
’twas taken only in name;
With only one eye left to see,
the vision stronger became

If I should be robbed of my right hand,
would I still have the will, the desire
to pick up a pen with my left hand
and somehow attempt to inspire?

Would that the heart–cold and cruel–
had instructed the hand that betrayed
to look reverently on so precious a jewel;
For freedom–a small price, indeed, to be paid!

Jawad El Nabulsi telling his story on his first TV appearance

Dedicated to Jawad El Nabulsi, who lost his eye during the protests and never ceases to inspire me with his cheerfulness, calm resolve and his vision of rebuilding the future.

Salma Beshr

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  1. #1 by Reem on July 8, 2011 - 10:40 am

    سلمى الغالية وأروى الغالية
    لا أستيعد أبدا ما خطته يدك يا سلمى من جمال العبارة ومن سلاسة المعنى ومن دقة العاطفة وجياشتها… فعلا هناك ناس نقف لهم اكبارا واجلالا لأنهم فاعلين وقياديين في بساطتهم وفي ابتسامتهم وفي تسليمهم
    شكرا لك أروى على اطلاعنا على هذا الشعر الراقي الذي ذوب احاسيسنا والهب مشاعرنا في مثل هذا اليوم 8 يوليو
    ربنا يوفق الثورة للخير كله ويغير على يد هذ الجيل من أجل تحقيق الأفضل استقرارا وأمنا ورخاء وعلما وأخلاقا


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